Posh Scrapper.

March 5, 2011

“How is your knitting going?”

“I’ve stalled, I haven’t got the white wool that I need. They don’t sell wool in normal shops here, I’d need to find specialist shops. Seems knitting is not something people generally do.”

“Yeah, people don’t make things. They buy things. Industrialization has alienated people from the industrial society they live in.”

“And when they do make things, it’s a special thing. It’s a ‘hobby’ that you have, not something you do to make ends meet.”

It’s a complex society this one we live in. You don’t just do things, for the sake of doing them, you’ve got to name them. Once named, they become something that defines who and what you are. Sometimes you do things in order to be perceived a certain way, rather than because you need to do them, or enjoy doing them.

You don’t just knit, you do knitting.

If you want to pop out for a walk, you go and purchase polar expedition level equipment and go walking or, if you’re a pro, perhaps you go hiking.

Because your hobbies define you, you must be careful in choosing which ones to pick. Some are better than others, they define you in the right way, as belonging to the right social class or subclass, whatever you perceive that to be. With the right hobbies you feel comfortable knowing who you are and how you relate to the society.

Hobbies that are cool are always good to have, if you can figure out what cool is at a given moment. Like fashion, coolness is evasive and unpredictable. Apparently knitting is cool now, who would have thought – back in time you did it because you shouldn’t waste time and needed warm clothes. Whatever made couriering cool? Earning a living on two wheels running errands for the banks, media industry and legal establishment, as a page boy of the capitalist society? What comes next, cooking your own food even if you can afford to eat out?

One common denominator seems to be that these are all things that people used to do because they had to. They were a means to an end, not an end in themselves. You’d be a courier to have money, not have money in order to be a courier, in order to be cool. You’d walk and ski in order to go somewhere, not go somewhere to walk or ski.

Is skiing still cool, by the way? If it is, it is the perfect hobby, because it is also posh, you need money to do it and that’s really cool. Posh hobbies, I’m guessing, never go out of fashion.

I’ve already heard couriering being referred to as an expensive hobby, rather than a job.  If there came a time when the working classes simply couldn’t  afford to do it anymore, would couriering then qualify as posh? A cool and posh hobby? Hilarious.

The future of the scrapper secured. Sort of.



  1. Great minds…

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